Galfab, a Wastebuilt company warrants only products of its manufacture against operational failure caused by defected material or workmanship which occurs during normal use within two years from the date the product was put into service.  A product registration card must be filled out and returned to the factory for warranty to be considered.

Galfab makes no warranty on any of its equipment used in any way except as it was designed, intended, and sold to perform.  Any misuse, damage due to an accident, outside alterations or negligence voids applicable warranty.

No freight or travel cost will be covered by this warranty.  All labor cost allowed shall be in accordance with established rates.  In case of alleged defects, products shall be returned to Galfab with transportation charges prepaid.

Galfab will replace all parts that prove to be defective within the warranty time frame after inspection at our factory.

Warranty for replacement parts is limited to the remaining portion of the original warranty, or warranted for 30 days from date of shipment.

Galfab does not assume any liability for loss of product, time, or any other consequential damages.

All claims will be processed through an authorized designee of the factory, or the factory.