Our Waste Equipment Exceeds Expectations


  • Galfab is known foremost for its Roll-Off Hoist -- a piece of equipment designed to outperform any other roll-off hoist on the market today.
  • The company produces a line of roll-off hoists that is second to none in the industry. From the basic 20K single axle roll-off hoist consisting of an 8” mainframe and 2” sub frame to the 10” sub frameless multi axle 75K hoist, anything to fit your needs can be manufactured here.
  • Offering outboard supported side rollers and auto folding rear bumpers as standard equipment are examples of Galfab’s dedication to the improvement of the equipment the industry uses.


  • At Galfab, you’ll find sales people who understand their products and the products of the competition.
  • Meet engineers with the know how to design the most user friendly equipment.
  • Get to know our production people who take pride in making each product with the quality that it deserves.
  • Just ask our customers. You’ll appreciate the quality, ingenuity, superior design, and expert craftsmanship that you will find in every Galfab waste equipment product.


  • Roll-off Hoists and Trailers
  • Roll-off Containers
  • Packer Receiver Containers
  • Self-Contained Compactors
  • Self-Dumping Hoppers
  • Securement Systems
  • Custom Engineered Containers


  • Galfab has a patent for he double articulating hinge door, used mostly on self-contained compactor receiver containers and sludge containers, has the advantage of only one ratchet to pull the door with a gasket tight.
  • We also have a patent with “The Hooker” container securement system. This air operated container securement device is used in lieu of the ratchet tie down system. Each hook (2 per side) has a hold down capacity of 40,000 lbs.
  • Galfab has built a self-dumping hopper known as the “Rock N’ Dumper”. The superior hopper advantages include a shaft that rides through a “V” shaped rocker guide. This feature allows the body to always ride on the base. The “rock-n-dumper” also has a latch handle that is designed to switch easily from the right or left side of the hopper.


  • Waste Equipment Technology Association (WASTEC))

    WASTEC is the trade association representing those companies which design, build, distribute, service and consult with respect to the equipment and technology systems that are used to collect, contain, transport, store, process, recycle, treat and dispose of the world’s solid and hazardous wastes and recyclable materials.

  • National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA))

    Established in 1964, NTEA, the Association for the Work Truck Industry, represents nearly 1,600 companies that manufacture, distribute, install, sell and repair commercial trucks, truck bodies, truck equipment, trailers and accessories.