The Galfab story begins in 1946 with the Galbreath family. A family tradition of innovation, hard work, and dedication to success has fueled a continuing effort to provide the best products on the market. Those principals are still evident today. The welders, engineers, technicians, and support staff at Galfab are all seasoned veterans in the manufacturing of waste equipment.

Located in Winamac, IN Galfab is strategically located at the “crossroads” of America. With today’s infrastructure, moving product across this country, Canada, Latin America or any other market is simple and timely. A 100,000 square foot facility and 14 acres of land provides the space to manufacture equipment and maintain a sizeable inventory of parts and equipment to serve the needs of the waste industry.

Galfab is a manufacturer of cable roll-off hoists, single axle hook hoists, open top roll-off containers, packer receiver containers, self-contained compactor containers, self-dumping hoppers, and various other products for transportation in the garbage, scrap, and steel manufacturing industry.

The company was started in 1992 by the Galbreath family. This is the original Galbreath family that had started and sold Galbreath, Inc. a world renowned supplier of equipment to the garbage and scrap industry. The company has seen three presidents in its existence. Paul Dulhanty was the first president of Galfab and served in that position until 1996. Paul was a former vice president of Galbreath, Inc. In 1996 Don Galbreath was named president. Don, one of the original owners of Galbreath, Inc., has been credited with many innovations in the field of transporting garbage, scrap, etc. Not only has he created the most user friendly roll-off hoist in the industry, he has listened to the need for products that will improve productivity in the industry. In June of 2012 Don stepped down as president and Greg Podell was named president. Greg has a long history in the industry starting in sales for Galbreath, Inc. in the 1980’s. Greg was eventually promoted to vice president of sales and marketing with Galbreath before being named president. Greg was also chief operating officer of Wastequip and president of E-Z Pack.

For the first twenty years Galfab was a regional manufacturer supplying product mostly to independent garbage haulers as well as independent scrap haulers. With Greg’s appointment as president, and his knowledge of the industry, Galfab is poised to expand into new markets including working with national accounts and supplying product to equipment dealers in more than just a regional market.

Galfab has produced a line of roll-off hoists which is second to none in the industry. From the basic 20K single axle roll-off hoist consisting of an 8” mainframe and 2” sub frame to the 10” sub frameless multi axle 75K hoist, anything to fit your needs can be manufactured here. Offering outboard supported side rollers and auto folding rear bumpers as standard equipment are examples of Galfab’s dedication to the improvement of the equipment the industry uses.

Galfab has some patents worth noting. The double articulating hinge door, used mostly on self-contained compactor receiver containers and sludge containers, has the advantage of only one ratchet to pull the door with a gasket tight.

Galfab also has a patent with “The Hooker” container securement system. This air operated container securement device is used in lieu of the ratchet tie down system. Each hook (2 per side) has a hold down capacity of 40,000 lbs.

Galfab has built a self-dumping hopper known as the “Rock N’ Dumper”. The superior hopper advantages include a shaft that rides through a “V” shaped rocker guide. This feature allows the body to always ride on the base. The “rock-n-dumper” also has a latch handle that is designed to easily be switched from the right or left side of the hopper.

Galfab is in the midst of building a dynamic website that features a complete line of our equipment, including stock ready to ship, training videos, and the ability for you to create your own quote for most of our products.

It is Galfab’s mission to produce equipment for the profitability of your company, and make your equipment purchasing the easiest and most pleasant you will ever experience.