New Additions to Galfab’s Manufacturing Organization

Winamac Indiana

In Winamac Indiana, Adam Collins has accepted the role of Plant Manager. With degrees in Tool and Die Making, Industrial Engineering and Organizational Leadership, Adam has been working in Manufacturing for over 26 years, at MPI and Alcoa. Most recently Adam has been the VP of Operations for Kruz in Knox. He serves on the NW Indiana Workforce Board and has been the Board Chair in the past. Adam has lived in Winamac for the past 25 years with his wife Jill, and their 3 kids Kyle, Claire, and Kate.  In his spare time he enjoys camping, hiking, and just being outdoors.

Houston Texas

In the recent weeks we have established a manufacturing unit in Houston, under the leadership of Keith Helms. In the past, Keith has driven trucks and wreckers, and is a former business owner. He has extensive experience of mounting dump bodies including for some of the largest dump body companies in the country. Most recently Keith trained in Winamac on Hoist Mounting and set up a mounting operation with one of our third party mounters, I am thrilled that Keith chose to join us. Keith lives in Corsiacana TX with his wife Margaret. Keith loves to hunt and fish and spend time with his 4 sons as much as possible, with his grandson Branch and do welding and other sorts of projects in his spare time. Keith says “I am honored to be an employee and a part of the Galfab family  and to run the Houston location the best of my ability”.

Galfab Team Spotlight #2: James Franklin

The Galfab team represents a variety of skilled professionals with decades of experience in the waste industry. From the Production floor to the Engineering, Sales and Management departments, Galfab’s blend of seasoned experts work with a cadre of eager up-and-comers that provide a fresh outlook, new ideas and a ”millennial” spirit. This week, the spotlight is on James Franklin…

•What is your current role, when did you start it, and what were you doing before?:
My current role is Supervisor of New Machine and Repairs. I am responsible for overseeing compactor and baler builds, as well as coordinating any repairs requested by the customer. Our team’s flexibility also allows for backing up the weld-out area in order to handle any customer add-ons or last minute modifications after container completion. I have nearly 9 (nine) years of industry experience and admit the time has moved quickly since starting in 2010.

•Where do you live?:
Tell us about your family: I currently live in Phoenix, AZ. I have three daughters (2, 10 and 16 years old) that take up most of my time outside of work. My family of five enjoys special moments that typically include our pets (two dogs and one cat).

•What is your favorite thing about working at Galfab and your specific role?:
One of my favorite things about Galfab is being “Certified Employee-Owned”. The overall sense of pride of ownership allows us to care more about the customer and help ensure continued success and wealth for working individuals. From a departmental standpoint, I take pride in being able to ensure a high quality product while maintaining the flexibility of customer demands.

•As a millennial, what is the most important thing you can bring to Galfab?:
I have been fortunate to have learned our products from start to finish, which allows me to ensure industry and company standards are met or exceeded. This attention to detail, along with my focus on accountability, allows me to mentor and grow from peers and co-workers alike.

•Do you experience any unique challenges in the workforce based on your youth?:
I don’t see any unique challenge- more so, opportunities to better myself and the company. I stay ahead with technology and best practices in order to stay ahead of any obstacles.

•What do you want to be when you “grow up”?:
My belief, is that we should continue to grow on a daily basis. That may mean a willingness to work with product specifications, or assist with a difficult or new product design. I enjoy my role and look forward to enhancing my supervisor skills in the coming years.

• What super power do you wish you had?:
Definitely flying! I would like to avoid the traffic that is typical with our daily commute!

• What do you do in your spare time?:
I enjoy family time, especially the time spent with my soon to be two-year-old daughter, Trinity. These years are especially critical and I enjoy every minute of it.

• Do you volunteer anywhere?:
I am currently not an active volunteer, but continue to search for opportunities within my community.

• Favorite sport: Football
• Favorite team: Cardinals
• Favorite food: Smoked Brisket
• Favorite TV show: Last Man Standing
• Best movie of all time: Tombstone

Galfab Supports Pulaski County 4-H Livestock Buyer’s Group

Galfab recently donated $500 to a buyers group for the annual 4-H Livestock Auction during the 2018 Pulaski County 4-H & Community Fair at the Winamac fairgrounds. Each year, buyer support groups, consisting of local individuals and businesses, pool their resources to purchase 4-H auction animals. John Wheeler Sr., a Galfab employee-owner with over 50 years of active 4-H participation and leadership service, initiated the donation effort.

Wheeler stated the 4-H Buyer’s Group “provides a win/win opportunity that benefits 4-H members as well as the local community. Grand Champion livestock always has its own strong support, but the group’s cooperative effort purchases auction animals that might not otherwise have buyers, raises the per head average price, and the processed meat is donated to Pulaski County’s food pantry, feeding local families most in need.”

Wheeler added, “4-H has been an anchor for so many local kids and is such a worthwhile program in our community. It teaches practical skills and values to our young people, including responsibility, teamwork, commitment and goal-setting. I started in 4-H at age ten. My children, my grandchildren, and the kids I worked with as a volunteer, have all learned, grown and achieved success as a result of their involvement in Pulaski County’s 4-H programs. I’m also very proud to work for an employee-owned company, which means everyone who works here at Galfab contributed to support our local 4-H’ers.”John Wheeler (Outside Forklift Operator) presents Ben Scheiner (VP Manufacturing) with a certificate of appreciation recognizing Galfab’s contribution to the 2018 Pulaski County 4-H Buyer’s Group Livestock Auction.