Rock N Dumper

Easy Dump

Make your fork truck into a dump truck. Dumps with a simple lift of the handle.

Solid Rocker Support

Provides uniform support for the rockers.

Release Handle

Reversible latch handle with latch lock.

V-Groove Rocker Control

Provides smooth controlled motion. No pins to jump holes. Body and base stay aligned and together.

Standard Features

  • Prime Paint
  • One-way Fork Pockets
  • Chain for Retaining Hopper to Forklift


  • Available in Heavy Gauge (7 Ga.) or Light Gauge (12 Ga.)
  • Casters- 4”, 6”, 8” in Steel or Rubber Locks
  • Crane Pick-up Hooks
  • 3-way Entry
  • Steel Lids, 3 Types
  • Remote Latch Pull
  • Choice of Standard GalFab Colors
  • Platform Legs

Special Features

  • Dumper Body Stays Aligned on Base, Will Not Jump Pin Holes
  • Forks are Totally Enclosed on All Dumpers
  • Body & Base Will Not Separate
  • Dumpers Stackable Through 2 ½ Cubic Yards
  • Double Lock Latch on Tripping Handle

Product video highlighting the features and benefits of Galfab’s line of self-dumping hoppers.

Product video featuring the operation of a Galfab self-dumping hopper.