Heavy Duty Above Frame Hoist


The Tricep™ Lift Advantage

Galfab’s “Tricep”™ Patent# 9,630,546 is our innovative solution to today’s above frame application. The Tricep allows our AF to operate at standard operating pressures not exceeding 2500 psi. Equally important, The Tricep enables us to build a hoist with dual reeving cylinders and outboard mounted lift cylinders signicantly reducing cylinder failure and life-cycle cost of the hoist. Since its introduction to the market, Galfab’s AF hoist has proven to be the most durable and reliable above frame on the market.

Outboard Mounted Lift Cylinders

Designed to cut overall wear on the hoist and cylinders, increasing it’s life and reducing maintenance costs.

Container Long Sill Support Rails

Rails aid in loading misaligned containers and give added support to the long sills increasing the life of your container.

Autofold DOT Bumpers

Bumper folds forward reducing the chance of bending and hang-ups in the landfill.

Outboard Supported Side Rollers

Greasable roller shaft is removable with two bolts for ease of replacement and maintenance.

Standard Features

  • 10” x 4” x 3/8” Mainframe
  • ½” x 3 ½” wear strip on top of mainframe tube and ½” x 3 ½” stiffener on bottom of tube which makes the 3/8” tube stronger and lighter than a ½” tube.
  • Outboard Mounted Lift Cylinders
  •  50 Degree Dump Angle
  • 60,000 and 75,000 lb. Capacity
  • Dual Reeving Cylinders
  • Originally designed and introduced for CNG and LNGapplications. AF Hoist is a great choice for 4 and 5 axle  applications.
  • 2500 psi Operating Pressure

Heavy Duty Above Frame Hoist Diagram

Model Rated Cap. CT L Dump Angle Up (Sec.)* Down (Sec.)* On (Sec.)* Off (Sec.)* Lift Cylinder Winch Cylinder Container Length Appx. Wgt.
AF60174S069 60,000# 178” 24’ 4” 50 deg. 36 20 41 31 6” - 4” x 69” DA 6” - 3” x 81 ½” DA 18’ to 22’ 7400#
AF60194S069 60,000# 198” 26’ 0” 50 deg. 36 20 46 35 6” - 4” x 69” DA 6” - 3” x 91 ½” DA 20’ to 24’ 7550#
* Cycle Times are Factory developed and controlled by PTO output, oil viscosity, human and mechanical efficiency, and may vary accordingly. All dimensions are subject to steel and manufacturing tolerances.