Galfab -Building on a Legacy

It is Galfab’s mission to produce equipment for the profitability of your company and to make your equipment purchasing the easiest and most pleasant you will ever experience.

Our mission is embedded in the company’s culture established more than a half century ago by the Galbreath family’s tradition of innovation, hard work and dedication to success. Today, this tradition is instilled in the work ethic of every Galfab welder, engineer, technician and support staff – all
seasoned veterans in the manufacturing of waste equipment.

Galfab manufactures our products in Winamac, Indiana and Phoenix, Arizona. With today’s logistics and infrastructure, moving products across the United States, Canada, Latin America or any world market is simple and timely.

Galfab was launched in 1992 by the Galbreath family. This is the original Galbreath family that had started and sold Galbreath, Inc., a world-renowned supplier of equipment to the garbage and scrap industry.

Don Galbreath is credited with many innovations in the field of waste handling and transportation, including creating the most user-friendly roll-off hoist in the industry. In 2004, Don Galbreath was inducted into the Environmental Industries Association (EIA) Hall of Fame and described as a “pioneer” in the industry. In 2016, he was inducted as a Fellow into the Indiana Society of

Today, the Galfab brand continues to provide great service and products to existing customers,expand into new markets, work with customers of all sizes and supply products to equipment dealers worldwide.





Chief Executive Officer

  • Jerry Samson is CEO of Galfab. After eleven years as a hauler with Waste Management, Jerry brought a solid understanding of customer needs and goals to the manufacturing side of the business. Over a thirty year+ career, Jerry has come to “really respect and appreciate the people I work with. I see the quality of product we are able to manufacture on the road every day, and know how it helps haulers and end users do their jobs.  It never gets old to see a Galfab hoist going down the road. I understand how much pride and teamwork has gone into each and every product we manufacture.”
  • Jerry describes his leadership style as facilitative. “I like to give general guidance, but really want employees to make their own decisions and drive the success of the company.  As a certified employee-owned company, this is more important than ever and really drives customer service and value creation.”
  • Jerry and his wife reside primarily in Minnesota and part-time in Florida. The couple has three grown children who live and work in the Midwest. Outside of Galfab duties, Jerry enjoys hunting, golf, and travel…when time allows. “Church is important to our family, and responsibilities in three industry groups fills most of my free time when I’m not with family or working”.



  • Don is an industry icon and remains active today.
  • He is a Hall of Fame recipient whose innovative products have made an everlasting impression in the waste industry.
  • Don brings over 50 years experience to the Galfab family.


Chief Financial Officer

  • Sandra Luby is CFO of Galfab and brings over 25 years of professional financial experience.
  • She has a proven record of success across numerous platforms in manufacturing, service, technologies, transportation and public accounting.
  • Sandra oversees all financial aspects of Galfab.


Vice-President of Manufacturing

  • Ben leads the Galfab team and is responsible for all aspects of Manufacturing and Engineering.
  • He is an Industrial Engineer and Certified Supply Chain Professional with over 20 years of manufacturing experience.
  • Ben brings a professional level to all aspects of production.


Product Manager

  • Jeff has over 20 years experience in the industry.
  • His product knowledge of the mobile side of the business enhances the Galfab brand’s continued leadership in the industry.


Vice President of Sales

  • Mike has over 30 years in the industry.
  • His knowledge in the truck industry in unsurpassed in helping spec the right equipment.

Bill Geise

Special Projects Engineer

  • Bill’s industry background goes back over 30 years.
  • As a professional engineer, Bill provides valuable expertise to assure proper design and manufacturing of the Galfab hoist.

Jim Nicolas

Engineering Manager


    Product Customer Service Manager

    • Sharon’s 25 years of experience in manufacturing provided a solid foundation when she entered the waste industry in 2004 as an inside sales representative.
    • Sharon appreciates Galfab’s “warm, friendly work environment where talented, dedicated individuals collaborate to fulfill Galfab’s mission.”
    • Sharon and her husband, Bill, live in Winamac. They have two grown children, and a grandson who is “amazing!!” Outside of work, Sharon is a member of St. Peter’s Catholic Church, enjoys “family time, and a good workout”.