Galfab Team Spotlight: Chris Shaver.

The Galfab team represents a variety of skilled professionals with decades of experience in the waste industry. From the Production floor to the Engineering, Sales and Management departments, Galfab’s blend of seasoned experts work with a cadre of eager up-and-comers that provide a fresh outlook, new ideas and a ”millennial” spirit. This week, the spotlight is on Chris Shaver.
What is your current role, when did you start, and what were you doing before?:
My role at Galfab is Western Sales Manager, having moved up from being their CDL driver. Prior to Galfab, I was the lead foreman at OCM, a construction company in Buckeye, AZ.
Tell us about your family and where you live:
I live in Tolleson, AZ in a 1,400 sq. foot manufactured home on a ½ acre of land. My family consists of my mom, Shari and my dad, Troy, as well as my three little brothers and a little sister. My parents have been in this industry for a very long time and once owned their own welding and trash compactor company in Albuquerque NM- “Shaver’s Welding”. The company was inherited from my papa Bill-let’s just say I’m a third generation trash man.
What is your favorite thing about Galfab and your role?:
My favorite thing about Galfab is that we are our own little family. We are always looking out for one another and help as much as we can. We all respect each other as equals and that makes work worth coming to everyday. I also LOVE the potential we have here at Galfab. I believe we can become a very big and well-known company, because we are Building a Legacy! My favorite thing about my role is the special connection with our customers – the end users of our product. The joy in the customer’s voice and the smile on their face after we have met their needs makes my day. It has also opened a world of connections and friendships that I would not have had.
As a millennial, what is the most important element you bring to Galfab?:
The most important thing I contribute to Galfab is my work ethic. I always have my nose to the grindstone and ear to the pavement to find any leads that will help the company grow into what I know it can be. I truly believe that if I can help make the company profitable, I will do whatever it takes to achieve it; even if it means going out and doing the work myself.
Because of your youth, do you see any unique challenges in the workforce?:
The biggest challenge I see is gaining the respect of my peers and employers and learning how to avoid being taken advantage of. Rest assured, I was always taught a firm hand shake and good eye contact will change all that. So far, it has helped reassure my bosses and my customers that I will take care of their needs and their expectations to the very best of my ability.
What do you want to be when you “grow up”?:
I would like to have my own successful business or maybe even be the CEO of Galfab, continuing the legacy placed upon this company. Jerry, give me some (or many) years, but I am coming. LOL
What super power do you wish you had?:
I wish I had the ability to help everyone in need, without breaking a sweat.
What do you do in your spare time?:
I like to hang out with family and friends, whether that be lounging on the couch, helping them with what they need, or going on crazy adventures. As of right now, a lot of my spare time is devoted to working on my house to make it “MY” house.
Do you volunteer in your community?:
I try to volunteer a lot during the Christmas season. I do a lot of the local motorcycle Toys for Tots rides to help needy children. Kids are our future and need all the help they can get to continue building America. There is nothing greater than to see their faces light up in smiles when they get gifts for Christmas.
Lightning Round- 5 questions with one word answers:
1. Favorite sport: Wrestling
2. Favorite professional sports team: Cowboys
3. Favorite food: Steak
4. Favorite TV show: Sons of Anarchy
5. Best movie of all time: Smokey and the Bandit