New President Announced

Winamac, IN – Galfab, Inc., a local steel fabrication and manufacturing company announced June 12, that its longtime president, Donald E. Galbreath, has resigned his office and will assume the role of product designer and business advisor.  The new president of the company is Gregory L. Podell, who has experience in the industry and previously worked with Galbreath, Inc. The ownership of Galfab, Inc. remains with the Galbreath family. All of the present employees have been retained and the location of the facility on State Road 14 is unchanged. All contact information for Galfab, Inc., phone numbers, mailing address, e-mails and sales personnel remain the same, as do the current vendors.

The new president, with advice from Mr. Galbreath, hopes to expand the product line, generate new revenue sources, improve employee benefits and generally grow the business here in the Winamac community.