BOLINGBROOK, Ill. –March 10, 2017–Galfab Manufacturing (Galfab), a leading hoist, container and compactor manufacturer based out of Winamac, Indiana and Phoenix, AZ has reported another record year in 2016.

“By any standard of measure, Galfab had a tremendous year in 2016,” commented Jerry Samson, President of Galfab Manufacturing and EVP of Wastebuilt. “The momentum we had coming into 2016 continued throughout the year. Our expanding workforce has responded to robust business and allowed us to grow at an amazing rate.”

Galfab was founded by Don Galbreath in 1992. Mr. Galbreath produced his first roll-off hoist in 1959 and is often credited with the invention of the modern day roll-off hoist. His knowledge and expertise is still a guiding factor for Galfab today.

“I am extremely excited about our plans to continue to provide quality products in the waste industry for the upcoming years.” added Samson. “This past year was great but we have much more we want to accomplish going forward by expanding our production capacity.”

About Wastebuilt Environmental Solutions, LLC

Wastebuilt was formed in December of 2012 in order to create a customer-focused and national provider of parts, service, and equipment for the waste and recycling industry. Wastebuilt is majority-owned by Millbrook Capital Management Inc., a New York City-based investment firm that seeks to acquire and grow companies in partnership with founders and experienced management teams by providing capital and strategic guidance.

Don Says “Improved Hydraulic Oil”

In May, 2014 Galfab changed to a higher quality hydraulic oil, Hydrex MV36.  This hydraulic oil has an advanced formula to ensure long life, anti-wear and a wider temperature range for mobile equipment.

This oil is recommended for use in piston, gear and vane hydraulic pumps and offers a minimum of start-up friction at low temperatures and maintains a safe viscosity at high operating temperatures.

This oil has rust and corrosion additives as well as water separation additives and improved foam control.  This clear hydraulic oil has a blue color additive to improve the site gauge reading.  This oil can also mix with other good grades of A32 hydraulic oils.

Equipment Maker GalFab to Retain Jobs, Create 20 More in Indiana

GalFab Acquisitions LLC, a waste equipment manufacturing company, is expanding operations in Winamac, Ind., and creating new jobs, the state said.

GalFab Acquisitions recently acquired the assets of GalFab Inc., which has operated in Winamac for the past 20 years. The new owner will invest $720,000 to lease, renovate and equip the former GalFab Inc. building.

The Indiana Economic Development Corporation is providing up to $700,000 in tax credits based on the company’s job creation plans.

GalFab Acquisitions is rehiring 65 current GalFab, Inc. positions and will create up to 20 new jobs over the next year, the state said.

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“With GalFab’s long standing history in Winamac, we look forward to continuing our commitment to success in this community,” said Greg Podell, CEO of GalFab Acquisitions, in a statement. “GalFab seeks to provide and design the highest quality product to lead the future of the waste industry, and Indiana has continued to provide a talented pool of workers and business environment to help us achieve this.”

GalFab makes roll-off hoists, roll-off containers, compactors, self-dumping hoppers and securement systems for the garbage, scrap and steel manufacturing industries.

GalFab is now part of Wastebuilt Environmental Solutions LLC, which recently purchased the company along with Stepp Equipment Co., which provides equipment distribution to the waste and recycling industries.

Podell created Wastebuilt with the financial backing of Millbrook Capital Management, a New York City-based private investment firm.

Wastebuilt also has named Jerry Samson as vice president of sales and marketing. Samson, most recently, lead the sales group at Liberty Tire Recycling, the company said.

Source: Jim Johnson, Waste & Recylcing News

Wastebuilt Environmental Solutions, LLC Appoints Jerry Samson as Vice President of Sales & Marketing

CHICAGO, IL–(Marketwire – Jan 14, 2013) – Wastebuilt Environmental Solutions, LLC (Wastebuilt), a distributor and manufacturer of equipment, parts, and services for the waste and recycling industry, announced today that it has appointed Jerry Samson as Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Mr. Samson joins Wastebuilt with more than 20 years of experience in the waste industry. Prior to joining Wastebuilt, he served 12 years in senior management roles at Waste Management and was also Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Wastequip. Most recently, Mr. Samson led the sales group at Liberty Tire Recycling.

“Wastebuilt is committed to creating a senior management team that can grow our business and be relentless in customer service,” said Greg Podell, CEO of Wastebuilt. “Jerry brings a wealth of experience and leadership to our sales organization and has a successful track record in the industry.”

“I’m extremely pleased to be moving to this new, exciting role within Wastebuilt,” said Samson. “I look forward to providing our customers with outstanding service and contributing to the company’s long-term success.”

About Wastebuilt

Wastebuilt Environmental Solutions, LLC (Wastebuilt) was created in 2012 as a vehicle for entering the waste and recycling industry. Wastebuilt recently acquired Stepp Equipment Company, which specializes in the refuse, scrap and recycling industry, and Galfab, Inc., a manufacturer of various products for transportation in the garbage and scrap industry. Wastebuilt’s mission is to provide its customers with world class distribution of equipment, parts, and services supported by manufacturing facilities. For additional information, please call 708-458-7800.

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Millbrook Capital Management Inc. Enters The Waste and Recycling Equipment Industry with Two Acquisitons

NEW YORK – January 7, 2013— Millbrook Capital Management Inc., a New York City-based investment firm led by John S. Dyson, announced today that it has created a new entity to enter the waste and recycling equipment industry. The new entity, Wastebuilt Environmental Solutions, LLC (Wastebuilt), has acquired two companies: Stepp Equipment Company and Galfab, Inc. and is seeking similar acquisitions. These two companies have combined annual revenues of approximately $40 million. The purchase price was not disclosed.

“We believe that the national haulers, municipalities, dealers, distributors, and local haulers in the waste and recycling industry will benefit from a well-capitalized and customer-focused source for equipment, parts, and maintenance,” said Alan Rivera, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Millbrook Capital Management. “By combining a leading service, parts and distribution company with a high quality manufacturing company, we have drawn on the best of both worlds.”

Commenting on the news, Greg Podell, Wastebuilt CEO, said, “I am extremely excited about combining two experienced companies in the waste and recycling equipment industry. The experience and expertise these two companies bring to this industry are unmatched.”

“I am looking forward to being part of Wastebuilt,” said Don Galbreath, owner of Galfab Manufacturing. “After over 50 years in the industry, I cannot think of a better partner than Stepp Equipment. I am thrilled Wastebuilt brought us together.”

Ken Kozelka, Vice President and Co-Owner of Stepp Equipment, added, “This is a historic day for our company. We are moving onto the next chapter for Stepp Equipment.”
The two companies will continue to operate in their existing locations and offer a wide variety of products and services to their customers.

About Millbrook Capital Management Inc.
Millbrook Capital Management Inc., headquartered in New York City, specializes in private equity investments. The firm invests in buyouts, divestitures, and private transactions of lower middle-market manufacturing and business services companies. For additional information, please contact Alan Rivera at 212-586-4333.

About Stepp Equipment
Stepp Equipment specializes in the refuse, scrap and recycling industry. The company was established in 1959 by Jim Lambert Sr. and has grown to sell and service a large sector of the refuse industry in Northern Illinois, Northern Indiana, and Wisconsin. Stepp has offices in both Chicago and Metropolitan Milwaukee. For additional information, please visit

About Galfab
Galfab, based in Winamac, Indiana, is a manufacturer of cable roll-off hoists, single axle hook hoists, open top roll-off containers, packer receiver containers, self-contained compactors, self-dumping hoppers, and various other products for transportation in the garbage and scrap industry. For additional information, please visit

Greg Podell
CEO, Wastebuilt Environmental Solutions

Julia Bonner
Adam Friedman Associates

New President Announced

Winamac, IN – Galfab, Inc., a local steel fabrication and manufacturing company announced June 12, that its longtime president, Donald E. Galbreath, has resigned his office and will assume the role of product designer and business advisor.  The new president of the company is Gregory L. Podell, who has experience in the industry and previously worked with Galbreath, Inc. The ownership of Galfab, Inc. remains with the Galbreath family. All of the present employees have been retained and the location of the facility on State Road 14 is unchanged. All contact information for Galfab, Inc., phone numbers, mailing address, e-mails and sales personnel remain the same, as do the current vendors.

The new president, with advice from Mr. Galbreath, hopes to expand the product line, generate new revenue sources, improve employee benefits and generally grow the business here in the Winamac community.